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Nubiance answers :

Yes. All our products are formulated and manufactured in France.

Nubiance answers :

Yes, all of our products undergo extensive clinical testing before they are marketed. These clinical studies are carried out with certified laboratories which themselves work with volunteers.

Nubiance answers :

Absolutely, and that's where our added value lies. We develop our products with the help of Dr. Marc Mitrofanoff. He very often receives patients from Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Our aim is to come as close as possible to a medical answer, without wanting to replace the intervention of a doctor. Not all of our clients can necessarily afford to consult a plastic surgeon. By reducing the borderline between cosmetics and cosmetic surgery, we bring them viable and non-dangerous solutions. In fact, we draw inspiration from cosmetic surgery to design our products in order to offer a range of high-performance products and to respond to certain problems encountered, such as acne or pigmentation spots, for example. We invest a lot in research and development and we strongly believe in innovation.

Nubiance answers :

Our products are specifically developed for Nubian skin problems (phototypes 4 to 6). On the other hand, many users with Caucasian skin (phototypes 1 to 3) have also adopted our products. What is effective on dark skin is necessarily effective on fairer skin. The reverse, however, is not always true (wrinkles, dark spots and acne pimples).

Nubiance answers :

Absolutely. Our products are specially developed for sensitive skin. Safety is our main concern and all our products are dermatologically tested. It is possible that on very sensitive skin, some of our products may cause a slight tingling sensation (the anti-blemish serum for example), but this is a good sign because it means that the product is working.

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First of all, we are all personally against animal testing. In any event, it has been formally forbidden to test the efficacy and safety of cosmetic products on animals since 2004. We scrupulously respect the European provisions on this subject, which we consider to be crucial.

Nubiance answers :

We work with the best suppliers of active ingredients because we want our products to deliver results and guarantee a very high level of dermatological safety. All the active ingredients we use are chosen for their effectiveness and safety. They all have a therapeutic track record of at least 10 years and comply with the strictest "cosmetovigilance" rules. Our suppliers are mostly European and American.

Nubiance answers :

The instructions for use can be found on the packaging and on the bottles and tubes of all our products.

Nubiance answers :

You can buy them on and on some other web sites such as,, as well as in drugstores and parapharmacies and specialised shops such as Provial Cosmetics in Paris. We are present in some African countries (Ivory Coast, Gabon, Congo Brazzaville), in the Middle East (Lebanon, Dubai), in Asia (Singapore, Hong Kong) and in India. We continue to expand internationally on a continuous basis as our products are perfectly suited to the problems of hot and sunny countries.

Nubiance answers :

It depends on your location but in metropolitan France, the price is between 6€ and 8€ for a small package. However, we offer free delivery for any order over 60€.

Nubiance answers :

Absolutely. You can order our products from all over the world and we have the possibility to deliver to you. When you register, you can specify the country you are ordering from, your billing address and your delivery address. However, there will be delivery charges which will be considered on a case by case basis. For example, for French overseas territories (DOM TOMs), delivery costs are of 10€. You can also send an email to [email protected] in order to discuss the different delivery options.

Nubiance answers :

We accept payments by Credit Card and PayPal. Payments by cheque are also possible but your order will take longer to arrive at your home.

Nubiance answers :

Yes, we have integrated an SSL protocol that encrypts and secures all our customers' banking data.

Nubiance answers :

In Metropolitan France, the average delivery time observed is 48 hours. In some cases, the delay can even pass to 24 hours.

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« J’avoue avoir été un peu sceptique au début mais il s’avère que les produits achetés (sérum produit anti imperfections) font déjà effet et je vois une nette différence »

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