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History of the brand

Founded in 2014 and based in Paris, Nubiance is dedicated to the development and distribution of dermocosmetic products developed from the most recent scientific discoveries, at truly competitive prices. Specialized and focused on “Nubian skin” (Matte, mixed and black skins), our skin care products particularly target related-skin problems such as pigmentation spots and blemishes of acne prone skin. Nubiance products make no compromise between performance, safety, quality and accessibility to the consumer.

Nubiance products are entirely designed and manufactured in France Our strategy is centered on innovation. We control the entire development chain of our products, from formulation to production and have our own clinical studies carried out by independent experts in France and Africa.

Philosophy of Nubiance

Our products are developed and adapted for the phototypes IV, V and VI which we defined as "Nubian skins", in reference to "caucasian skins", defined for phototypes I to III.

The name Nubiance is inspired by Nubia, a region located between Sudan and Egypt and considered to be the cradle of humanity. It is also an area in which women are renowned for their beauty.

Nubiance develops topical application products for the correction of cutaneous hyperpigmentation and imperfections, pimples, blackheads of black, matte and mixed skin. We attach great importance to respecting the concept of original beauty. Even if black and matte skin is thicker and more pigmented, it is nonetheless fragile and prone to specific ailments. All our products are formulated from the latest generation of active molecules and ingredients, to guarantee a high level of performance and satisfaction for our customers.

A word from the founders

Marc Mitrofanoff

Doctor Marc Mitrofanoff

Surgeon at Hôpitaux de Paris

Member of the French Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery & Co-founder of Nubiance Dermocosmetics

I see a lot of dark skin patients who want to improve their skin quality. Too often, I have seen and I still see some of them damaging the skin with ineffective or even dangerous products. It is therefore difficult, if not impossible, to reverse the process by surgery or pharmaceutical treatments.

Before any intervention, my role as aesthetic surgeon is to advise them. For certain pathologies such as for example pigment spots, solutions exist, other than the laser, which can be painful and relatively expensive.

Wladimir Topaloff

Wladimir Topaloff

Founder and President of Nubiance Dermocosmetics

The cosmetic industry has made considerable progress in the last 10 years in many areas. On the other hand, it is a pity to see that the majority of the products offered are only oriented towards so-called "Caucasian" skins.

Reducing the border between cosmetic and cosmetic surgery by giving access to quality cosmetic products to as many people as possible, this is the mission we set ourselves when creating Nubiance.

Our promise is simple and clear: to offer a range of high-performance and complementary dermocosmetic products, in which we integrate the purest active ingredients, respecting an affordable price policy and maintaining an ultra-demanding level of quality".

Scientific innovation

Since its creation, Nubiance has placed innovation at the heart of its strategy. Our active ingredients are scientifically recognized and have a significant clinical and toxicological background. We take inspiration from the latest scientific discoveries and integrate them into our products in order to offer performance dermocosmetic treatments guaranteeing results. Always with a concern for quality and transparency, each of our products is subject to extensive clinical tests by independent laboratories.

Our HRB-3 complex, present in the HRB-3 Anti-dark spot range, is a studied combination of Synovea® HR (Hexylresorcinol) and Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) which gives convincing results in the treatment of skin hyperpigmentations. This active complex regulates the production of melanin and allows progressive and safe attenuation of pigment spots on black, mat and mixed skin.

Bakuchiol, present in our anti-blemish treatment ACT-5, is also a 100% natural active ingredient recognized for its performance and its results on acne. It has the same antioxidant and regenerative properties as retinol, without its side effects. It is therefore an excellent anti-aging and a formidable treatment to fight against the imperfections of acne-prone skin (CF blog article on Bakuchiol).

Over the years, Nubiance has become a benchmark brand for its customers, but also for dermatologists and pharmacists.

Opening on the world

Nubiance started exporting, mainly to Africa. The cosmetics market in Africa is vast, and the needs are real, but a value-proposition combining Nubian skin-targeted efficacy, with innovative molecules and an economical accessibility is almost non-existent on the continent. In addition, Skin care products imported from parts and others of the world are not necessarily suitable for use under sun exposure. Especially since effective care to fight acne and age spots can be dangerous if they are not compatible with UV exposure. It is on this principle that Nubiance was created and developed. Our products are specifically formulated with active ingredients that are not photosensitizing.

Today, our openness to the world is much greater, we are now accessible everywhere thanks to the internet and Nubiance.fr on the one hand, but also thanks to our points of sale in pharmacies that we tend to develop.

Nubiance is comitted

Nubiance entreprise amie de l'unicef

At Nubiance, we know how pretty skin rhymes with "self-confidence". We are happy to be able to help women to regain self-confidence thanks, among other things, to the results they obtain with our products. We have always placed the beauty of women at the heart of our project, and wherever there are women, there are children… Nubiance has chosen to engage with UNICEF as a Friend-Company in order to support its programs in favor of the Children of the World..

Why this commitment?

UNICEF works tirelessly, in some of the most inhospitable places in the world, to reach the most endangered and disadvantaged children. UNICEF works to save their lives and works to provide them with a childhood in which they are loved, protected, healthy and educated.

You too can make a donation: https://www.unicef.fr/faire-un-don

Unicef en Afrique Unicef en Afrique Unicef en Afrique Unicef en Afrique

Accessibility & advice

By prioritizing R&D (Research and Development) and innovation, we make as a core value that our products are offered at the best prices, in order to make them accessible to as many people as possible. Our formulas are developed with the greatest care with an economical approach guaranteeing efficiency and accessibility. We attach great importance to personalized advice, each skin having its own specificities, each user may need recommendations, explanations and support for choosing the right product.

This is why Nubiance wants to be accessible at retail points all over the world in order to answer users' questions and expectations and better understand their needs, but we also make ourselves available to answer all questions on Nubiance.fr via our chatbox.

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Nubiance is performance above all. We meet the specific needs of mat, black and mixed skin with cutting-edge research and development, which we want to make accessible to as many people as possible.
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