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Cleaning your skin well, an essential step in our daily care routine.

le 04/10/2020

Why is cleansing a key step for a more beautiful skin

On a daily basis, our skin is the target of external aggressions such as heat, cold, UV, wind or pollution. The skin on our face is particularly sensitive. Its sensitivity to these attacks can manifest itself in various ways. Skin intoxicated by urban pollution, humidity, dried out by the cold or attacked by UV rays leads to barrier functions impairment. This reaction will also depend on genetic (our skin type) and hormonal (our skin condition) factors. This is why the elimination of impurities gathered throughout day and night is essential before treating your skin. This helps to prepare it as best as possible to receive the appropriate skin care treatment. A cleaned skin will be prone to better oxygenation and will appear less dull. Skin will look younger and will be more responsive to the treatments.

How to properly cleanse your skin?

It is important to use mild cleaning technics. For that reason, it is necessary to avoid dehydrating or detersive products, that would dry-up your epidermis (first outer layer of the skin) it will defend itself by producing excess sebum in compensation. In the case where your skin is atopic or dry at the origin, it will react according to its sensitivity by developing red patches, irritations, scabs or even pimples. The choice of a mild cleaning product will therefore be more suitable.

What products for gentle cleaning?

It all depends on the time of day. In the morning, if your skin is clean from the previous evening, micellar water or a lotion on a cotton pad may be sufficient before applying a serum and / or a day cream. On the other hand, in the evening, after a day exposed to external aggressions, it is important to perfectly remove all the impurities. Starting with makeup; in case you wear makeup; using a makeup remover such as a lotion or a micellar water. These products must be as mild as possible. Micellar water devoid of any superfluous products such as perfume, alcohol, parabens or other aggressive products will be suitable for gentle cleansing for all skin types and will not leave any film. or oily feeling on your skin. This is the case with our 0% micellar water « Micelliance », that we developed to be as simple and effective as possible.

Thereafter, it is recommended to use a non-ionic cleansing gel suitable for the face, even in the shower. Because facial cleansing gels with a neutral PH are often milder than conventional soaps. As a complement to the  micellar water ,this gel will perfectly clean up the dirt of the day, which could clog your pores. Apply the cleansing gel on slightly damp skin and make small circles with your hands (previously washed) or with a clean glove.

Is the scrub necessary to treat my skin?

Depending on the skin type and the problems to be treated, it is possible to add a care gesture to your beauty rituals. This is the exfoliation stage, which is not necessary on a daily basis, but which, as needed, can help the skin to regenerate by stimulating cell renewal. The scrub can be chemical or mechanical with grains or gums. Grain exfoliation requires circular movements to emulsify and have a descaling action. The gum scrub, in the form of a cream, attracts impurities and after ten minutes of application on dry skin, it can be removed to receive moisturizing or smoothing treatments. Please note, grain scrubs are to be chosen with care, and are not always suitable for sensitive skin.

Chemical exfoliation is recommended for sensitive skin because it is less abrasive. However, it must have a method of application to be followed with care. Our HRB-3 Anti-Dark Spot Preparing Serum is a treatment with a light chemical scrub action thanks to its AHAs that make it up. Indeed, fruit acids (AHA) help with scaling and therefore stimulate cell renewal. It is to be applied locally for a given time (see the precautions for use on the product sheet) and will facilitate the penetration of the active ingredients, Synovea® HR and Vitamin B3, as well as the other active ingredients from HRB-3 Day and HRB-3 Night Care. Our HRB-3 range is made up of an Anti-dark Spot Day Care with sun protection (SPF 30), an Anti-dark Spot Night Care with an antioxidant active which stimulates cell regeneration and a nourishing/ even-toning body Lotion containing shea butter. These treatments can be applied in addition to the Serum HRB-3 stain remover to optimize the effects.

It is important to always apply a moisturizing and / or treating care product after a scrub, as this allows to recreate a protection barrier and a restoration of skin hydration, but the scrub will also allow better penetration of the active ingredients in your epidermis . It is therefore after the exfoliation that the skin is most prepared to receive moisturizing or treating active ingredients. Cleansing is therefore a necessary step to maintain the balance of our skin and allows us to better understand our skin in order to adapt our daily care. Take pleasure in cleaning it using products that suit you!