Discussing beauty with Migna Touré!

le 01/22/2021

An overflowing energy, an unfailing smile, a radiant complexion and a warrior mentality: no wonder Migna has been named the world's best 3×3 basketball player! She reveals the keys to her 100% Wellness beauty routine!

Photo Credit : Amandine B

1/ Hello Migna, could you introduce yourself?

Hello, my name is Mamigan Touré, but people call me Migna. I’m a 26-year-old professional basketball player in in Montpellier. I’m an international basketball player, member of the French 3x3 team, and also a PE teacher.

I like to do a lot of things, I’m very versatile, as soon as an opportunity to discover new things comes up, I take it. Travelling, sharing, passing on, I love it. I’m never far from basketball, I literally breathe basketball.

2/ What’s the first thing you think about when you wake up?

 As soon as I wake up, I look forward to living a day that has never been seen and I say to myself ‘Make this day count’!

3/ What does your morning routine look like?

In the morning, I wake up, drink a large glass of water, stretch, wash and prepare breakfast. I take stock of what I've done the day before, set myself small daily goals, listen to motivational podcasts and then I end up watching French T.V. programme "Le jour où tout a basculé" before going to training.

4/ What is your definition of Beauty?
It’s when one believes in oneself.

5/ Some beauty icons who inspire you?

One of my closest friends, Clarince, stands for the beauty that inspires me. She is self-confident, she loves herself, she is sparkling and beautiful inside and out.

Ryan Destiny and Aliya Will are beautiful women who also inspire me.

Ryan Destiny, actress

6/ What the best beauty advice you have learnt to date?

The best beauty advice I've learned so far is to use specific products dedicated solely to the face. Don't use the same products for body and face. This applies to everything, even the towel that I use to wipe my face. Each skin has its own particular needs!

7/ What are your 3 go-to beauty products?

I never go without my shea butter, facial cleansing gel and lip balm.

8/ What’s the craziest beauty trend you’ve tried out?

I would have loved to try out eyebrow tinting! But I never have; as a top-level athlete, I train twice a day, and that implies two showers a day. In other words, the eyebrow tinting simply wouldn't hold…

9/ What’s your daily skincare routine?

Today, I follow an adapted skincare routine, which consists of the combination of a Cleanactyl cleansing gel and Act 5 milk (two products from Nubiance Dermocosmetique). I also combine the application of shea butter in this winter period.

10/ Your best tips for quickly erasing traces of tiredness?

A quick tip to erase traces of fatigue; a few ice cubes on the face and there you go!!!! I would also add an outdoor sports session.

11/ What are some of your golden rules when it comes to make-up?

Eyebrows before the complexion! To achieve a fresh and even complexion, apply the concealer with a previously moistened sponge. Then I apply mascara and of course highlight. 

A fresh and natural make-up is always a good option!

Photo Credit : Amandine B

12/ The make-up look that best suits your personality?

The make-up look that most suits my personality is a fresh, natural effect make-up with a dark brown matt lipstick. That's me.

13/ A favourite hairstyle?

My favourite hairstyles are simple braids or locks. I love locks.

14/ Some tips to maintain good mental health?

In order to maintain your mental health, you have to do things that you like, things that make you feel good. Appreciate the positive things that happen to you and/or that you have done.

15/ What’s the one thing that makes you the happiest?

What makes me the happiest is doing what I love with the people I love (especially my boyfriend).

16/ Any specific diet?

I don't have a special diet. I make sure I eat well, balanced and varied in terms of intake. I take pleasure when it comes to eating, that's what my diet is all about!

17/ A favourite healthy drink?

Lemon juice!

18/ Do you take any supplements?

I don't take food supplements. I eat well enough as it is, so I don’t really need any.

19/ Any favourite restaurants?

My favourite addresses in Bordeaux: Korean restaurant Bibimbap and the “Les Sauvages” restaurant. They’re just sooo good!!!! 

20/ What’s your life motto?

‘Know Your Worth’

21/ How would you say sport improves the health of skin?

I think that sport allows the skin to ‘get in shape’. Sweating allows toxins to be evacuated; it’s an overall way of ensuring beautiful, healthy skin.

22/ What’s your pre- and post-workout beauty routine?

In the morning (before training) I rinse my face and then I moisturise my skin with Act5. After training I clean my face with the soap free cleansing gel Cleanactyl, and then I moisturise again. I moisturise my whole body, and I finish off with some lip balm. That's it!

23/ Would you say your diet plays a key role in your skin’s health?

I am convinced that nutrition plays a very important role in the beauty of my skin, as does hydration.

24/ What’s your secret to maintaining such a great figure?

I do a lot of sport; I vary my exercises according to my needs and above all I eat according to my energy expenditure. When I train a lot: I eat well. When I'm in a "truce", I reduce the amount of food I eat.

25/ What benefits are there to working out?

Sport is my job, but it is also a way for me to feel good. Sport allows me to let off steam, to pass the time and to enjoy myself.

26/ Do you have a strict diet?

I don't follow a strict diet. I am aware that my activity as a top-level athlete involves responsible ethics on a daily basis. This also involves diet. I sometimes cook fast food or other meals, but this is rare. 

Every meal I eat is a healthy treat for my body.

27/ What’s your sweet temptation?

My sweet temptation: cakes and chocolate cookies…

28/ How do you deal with stress or adrenaline rush on big days?
Stress is part of the game, I rely on what I know how to do, on my strengths to manage excess stress and I don't think about it.

29/ What your best sport-related memory from the past year?

This year is special, we don't have many matches with the sanitary context. I will remember the title I won with my previous Braine team.

30/ What are your projects and sport-related perspectives?

At the moment I am preparing myself daily to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics in 2021. I am also fully involved with my club, even if the season is special, we have high and ambitious goals. 

At the same time, I am working on a personal, sporting and educational project for summer 2021... Let's stay connected. 😉

31/ What’s your recovery routine?

I recover calmly, in front of a match, a series, a book. I hydrate myself as much as possible because I know that I never drink enough. I often combine my recovery with stretching.

32/ Your little cocooning pleasure?

A long nap, with no set alarm!

Warm thanks to Migna for this interview! Follow her on Instagram: @lokossoo