Meeting with Carine Yatou, Founder of Afro Yaca Drum ! !

le 11/04/2020

Ethno-chic ready-to-wear is invited at Nubiance! 

Young designer based in Cameroon, Carine brilliantly combines modernity and tradition through original collections with flamboyant colors.   

Afro Yaca Drum is an eclecticshimmering and cheerful style! 

Passionateingenious and attentive to her customers, Carine Yatou creates clothing for women and men, and also offers objectsjewelry and accessories in Wax.    

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In the meantime, enter behind the scenes of the know-how Made in Cameroon 


Afro Yaca Drum is a young brand full of pep with colorfulfresh and comfortable creations sewn by hand in Cameroon 


Attractive patterns and natural materials of quality are usedwith a special care given to the finishes

We love these artistic and shimmering outfits with skillfully worked lines 

How to resist to these sets, accessoriesjewelry and furniture dressed in wax fabric 

At Nubiancewe love it!  


1. Tell us about yourself... What do you propose, and how did you come up with the idea of creating Afro Yaca Drum 

My name is Carine Yatou. I am the creator of the brand Afro Yaca Drum.    

It is a brand of ready-to-wear African textiles. We offer clothingjewelry accessoriesfurniture in African prints. Afro Yaca Drum is born from a need to wear fine and refined accessories in textiles, but also from the desire to promote fashion and Cameroonian culture in particular, and African culture in general 

2. What does "Afro Yaca Drummean 

AYD literally means Afro Yatou Carine Drum. For me it was a way to give strength to my brand. We all know that the drum carries a melody.   

Somehow AYD means: "The Afro melodies of Yatou Carine".  

3. Tell us what makes your creations so special 

We privilege the use of colored patterns and solid materials

Also, the models that we make combine modernity and traditional materials hence our particularity 


4. Who are your creations for and where/how do you find your pieces 

We address ourselves to young dynamic people in search of originality and especially in search of a "back to the roots".

Apart from the physical store located in Yaoundé, our items are also sold through our different pages on social networks. (Instagram Link:   

We are convinced that with the arrival of the site next December, the brand will be more accessible.    

5. What inspires you 

am inspired by everything that surrounds me.

Be it the colors, the passers-by in the streetwithout forgetting the series and documentaries. I really try to look at the world and always look for the little inspiration or motivation that goes with it 

6. Is there a flagship piece that every woman should have in her dressing room?   

A flagship piece... 

I have so many ideas going through my head right now 😂 but if I had to choose, I would say a kimono/ tunic that can be associated with several looks.  

7. You've dressed many artists and influencerswhich one has made a particular impression on you 

It's hard to pick one person but really hard. I enjoy collaborating with people who believe in what I do.

For me it's really the most important thing  

8. If you had a message for the African Diaspora, what would it be 

It would be to believe in ourselves, in what we do. To trust us.  

9. What are your beauty gestures? Do you follow a ritual of care?  

With my various activities I have had to reduce the time devoted to my skin care ritual.   

I'm in "don't drag me!" mode. For me, makeup removal - morning and evening - is an essential step, because I love to put on makeup. Then I apply rose water with a cotton pad and then I apply a face cream. I apply a moisturizing body lotion to prevent my skin from drying out.

10. Do you have a beauty tip to share?

Makeup removal is essential, whether you have put on makeup or not.

12. Which products never leave you?

A product that I love: jojoba oil! Not forgetting my "Rouge" lipstick and my illuminator.

13. In your opinion, what are the essentials in a woman's beauty kit?

In my opinion, a red lipstick, a feminine perfume, a deodorant and a moisturizer.

14. Do you have a beauty icon that inspires you?

A beauty icon: Rihanna!

15. What are the next development axes of Afro Yaca Drum?

We are still working on it, a little more patience ☺️

16. What can we wish you as we approach the new year 2021?

Success and success, we are all going through a very difficult time with the health crisis, but we hope to reach our goals in 2021!

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