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Carry out a skin diagnosis to better treat acne on black to matte skin

le 11/18/2020

Carry out a skin diagnosis to better treat acne on black to matte skin

Are you following an anti-acne treatment, but your acne always ends up resurfacing? Are you tired of "miracle products" that leave obvious after-effects on your face? We understand you, pimples have tortured many people from adolescence to adulthood.

What does the diagnosis of black, matt or mixed skin consist of?

When dealing with a severe acne problem, it is a good idea to consult a professional dermatologist. Why is it a good idea to see a professional dermatologist? Quite simply, because the "they say" and "it worked for me" may not work for you. Every skin, whether black, matte or white, has its own biological nature and appearance. The right skin care for your girlfriend's skin can damage your own, which is why a personalized skin diagnosis is essential.

The diagnosis of the skin consists in analyzing in detail its characteristics in order to understand the origin of the imperfections and thus, to find the adequate care. Therefore, the nature, hydration, radiance, pores, bacterial activity, spots, wrinkles and texture of the skin are closely studied. Forget the idea of a whim, this is an important step towards beautiful, healthy and spotless skin.

An expert opinion will guide you towards the appropriate care for your anti-acne treatment.

What is the relationship between the diagnosis and treatment of acne on black to matte skin?

Why so many protocols for an acne issue? Why not just choose products online and read the instructions carefully?

These questions may leave some people confused, but the better you know your skin, the better you reduce the risk of pimples, acne rosacea, scars, spots or other blemishes. In order for an acne treatment on Nubian skin to be effective, it is necessary to go back to the source. There are 4 factors that accentuate acne breakouts, including :

** Excess sebum
A poor choice of makeup can trigger a severe acne flare-up, especially when applied daily. Makeup that is too oily will stick to pores until they become clogged, causing an overproduction of sebum. Hormones can also be responsible for this excess. A hormonal imbalance affects the skin in a negative way.

** Hyperkeratinization
Faced with aggression (especially UV rays), the surface layer of the skin multiplies keratinocytes (cells) to protect itself. However, when this proliferation of cells exceeds the norm, they turn into plugs and block the evacuation of sebum, hence acne.

** Bacterial infection
The accumulation of sebum increases the risk of bacterial infection. Bacteria multiply by drawing their source from sebum and promote the appearance of acne. In the worst case, this proliferation leads to skin inflammation.

The steps to determine the origin of pimples and other imperfections of black to matte skin are facilitated. Indeed, the diagnosis of the skin particularly targets the parts sensitive to redness, irritation, dryness and excess sebum. The goal is to lead the subject to perceptive solutions so that he finds a smooth and radiant skin.

How do you diagnose when you have dark or matte skin?

You can make a skin diagnosis either by consulting a dermatologist or clinic or by following online steps. In the case of a dermatological consultation, it is recommended that you cleanse your face well beforehand. Afterwards, the expert proceeds to the realization of the pictures, under different lights, which allow to determine the state of the skin. The solutions vary according to the subject's skin. The dermatologist can prescribe :

** A peeling: for wrinkles, acne, spots, and other imperfections of black, matte or mixed skin.
** A laser treatment: for pigmentary spots that are too blatant
** A new beauty routine: in case of use of unsuitable product
** A rehydrating injection: for a too dry skin

Other solutions depending on the dermatological result.

In addition, if you are not able to consult a dermatologist in person, you can perform the diagnosis online by answering a few questions. Nubiance offers this service to all those seeking individualized care.

The personalization of cosmetic care optimizes the beauty routine. You will be asked for information about your skin type, its texture, its different reactions and the frequency of irregularities (acne, spots, redness, etc.). It is important that you know how to examine your skin by touch and sight, but also that you define your feelings and your lifestyle to optimize the procedure. Afterwards, you will be given an explanatory assessment, followed by a few tips that will help you take care of your Nubian skin properly.


Making a skin diagnosis reveals the health of your black, matte and mixed skin. In addition to the treatment prescribed by your dermatologist, here are a few golden rules not to be broken for healthy skin and a radiant complexion.

What not to do

  • Touch, pierce or scratch your buttons
  • Apply make-up that is too oily or comedogenic (especially to camouflage acne).
  • Use products containing bleaching active ingredients
  • Exposure to the sun for too long
  • Exfoliate regularly

What to do

  • Cleanse the face frequently
  • Use organic skin care or products recommended by the dermatologist after consultation.
  • Moisturize the skin
  • Protect yourself from the sun

Conclusion :

Entrust Nubiance with the care of your black, matte or mixed skin.

A selection of non-comedogenic and moisturizing products are available on our site. Treating acne-prone skin, the Act-5 Intense Anti-Imperfection Care is particularly effective in winning your fight against pimples. If you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to contact Nubiance!