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Your opinions Nubiance!

le 08/22/2020

When we created Nubiance, we had only one desire: to make your daily life easier and get rid of your skin problems for a softer black, matt or mixed skin!

To do this, we have designed specialised products for your black, matt or mixed skin by responding to specific problems, namely :

- Hyper pigmentation spots, also known as brown spots on your pretty face, hands, décolleté and neck.

- Imperfections on your face and body by eliminating pimples and impurities on a daily basis.

- Tightening your skin by opting for healthy, deep-acting ingredient compositions

- Products for your acne to reduce excess sebum and relieve oily skin.

All these elements are taken into account on a daily basis when designing our products, and if we manage today to continue this Nubiance adventure together, it is thanks to you. To your advice, to the sharing of your routines, your tips, your testimonials and your opinions which are so precious for the evolution of your black, matt or mixed skin.

So today, to thank you, to give you back your self-confidence and to offer your skin a unified complexion, without imperfections or spots, here are a few testimonials from Nubiance about our loyal customers!

The reduction of spots on your black, matt or blotchy skin

Laurence is a loyal Nubiance customer with black skin.

Her basic problem is based on brown spots, hyperpigmentation spots which are created (more easily unfortunately), on your black, matt or mixed skin!

She was at the end of her brown spots and wanted to regain a smooth complexion, without the morning worries when she woke up in front of the mirror.

Thanks to Nubiance, she testifies to having seen her spots disappear as she went through the ritual of using the products. Her complexion is more even, her skin texture is clearer and there are fewer imperfections. She now enjoys smoother, less tight skin thanks to products specially designed for her Nubian skin.

And now, guess what? She's "in Nubiance mode," and that's really nice and a victory for us.

Why is that? Because Nubiance is above all a sharing, a community that helps each other, that wants to see itself evolve and see its skin sublimate and glow up throughout the use of the products. A mixed clientele, men and women, who have the same objective: to feel understood by the cosmetics and dermocosmetics industry and to achieve beautiful skin!

So, are you ready to get into Nubiance mode?

A black, matt and mixed skin without acne or blemishes! 

Cécile had another problem: acne on her black, matt and mixed skin, which risked anchoring brown spots on her in the long term. She was complaining about this acne which was creating pimples and blemishes, and couldn't manage to make them disappear (as we understand you Cécile, we got your back !) !

Then, she discovered Nubiance and, according to her needs, she turned to ACT-5, an anti-acne treatment specially designed for Nubian skin.

After 14 days, she sees her pimples and imperfections disappear and leave a smoother, softer skin.

Here is her testimony :

"The ACT-5 treatment is very effective. Visible results after 14 days. Now I love my skin in its natural state".

So, if you too dream of smooth skin, with a clean grain, without imperfections or spots, don't wait any longer and order the treatment that meets your needs!

To follow all the Nubiance adventures and continue to enjoy before and after and honest and authentic testimonials from our loyal black, matt or mixed-skinned customers, go to our Instagram!

You will discover daily tips, skincare advice, tutorials and beauty routines to enjoy a clear skin, without imperfections! All this while sharing our inspirations, with humour, cute and trendy! Enough to make you spend a beautiful summer and relax all year round!