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Bakuchiol, finally a real solution for acne prone skin?

le 10/24/2019

Bakuchiol, finally a real solution for acne prone skin?

Until then, effective solutions to combat blemishes in acne-prone skin were few, sometimes arduous and burdensome, or even subjects to side effects. A new 100% natural benchmark molecule in the treatment of acne-prone skin, Bakuchiol is emerging as an ultra-effective solution in the treatment of blemishes and signs of aging. It promises results similar to the famous Retinol but has the advantage of not being photosensitizing. We explain here all the benefits of this new molecule which will help you finally say "stop imperfections!".

What is Bakuchiol?

Bakuchiol is a natural active ingredient with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antibacterial properties.

It is very effective in treating blemishes because it acts on the very causes of acne. Indeed, the quality of sebum is one of the most important factors in the development of acne lesions. The oxidation of squalene, which represents about 20% of the sebum composition, contributes to the formation of comedones. Bakuchiol inhibits lipid peroxidation and thus helps the skin to improve the quality of the lipids that make up sebum. On the other hand, Bakuchiol curbs bacterial overcrowding and in particular reduces the activity of P. Acnes which is involved in the inflammatory reaction and the appearance of imperfections.

The last factor involved in acne is hyperkeratinization. This accumulation of skin dead cells prevents the natural flow of sebum and leads to the formation of blackheads and pimples through clogging of the sebaeous canal. Here too, Bakuchiol helps correct hyperkeratinization and therefore allows a natural flow of sebum. Unlike Retinol, Bakuchiol is photostable: its efficacy therefore remains maximum over time and it is possible to use products with Bakuchiol during the day, even in the event of sun exposure.

A 100% natural molecule as effective as a synthetic product?

Bakuchiol is extracted from the Babchi seeds, a plant from East Asia used in traditional Tibetan medicine. However, its extraction requires special attention in order to obtain the purest product possible in order to avoid any side effect. We have integrated bakuchiol in its purest form in our anti-imperfection care ACT-5 in order to offer you the most effective product possible.

Healthier skin thanks to Act-5 care?

The Act-5 anti-blemish treatment acts at the origin of pimples and blackheads thanks to a combination of active ingredients promoting sebum regulation (also called lipid homeostasis). ACT-5 thus allows the skin to evacuate the the sebum and to protect and purify healthy sebum. The natural flow of healthy sebum is the key to clearer skin. Indeed, the accumulation and oxidation of sebum in the stratum corneum is one of the major causes of the appearance of pimples. Oxidized squalene is very pro-inflammatory and makes sebum solid; which causes the obstruction of the evacuation ducts on the surface , preventive its protective surface role

The active ingredients in Act-5 cream allow better distribution of sebum but also reduce spots associated with pimples. It is a rebalancing treatment that tightens pores, softens and smoothes the skin texture without drying it out. It can therefore be applied to the whole face in the morning and / or evening without sensitization risks.

If its action is sustainable throughout the use of the Act-5 treatment, it is no less rapid: Our clinical study carried out by Professor M. Kaloga (elected best dermatologist in Ivory Coast in 2018) has demonstrated very conclusive results within 15 and 21 days of daily application of the Act-5 treatment.

How to optimize your treatment with Act-5?

Effective on all skin types and for all skin tones, ACT-5 applies morning and evening, after cleaning your skin with a hygiene product (To discover: our water micellar Micelliance 0% for gentle cleaning). Please note, it is not recommended to mix Act-5 with other products. It is used alone on clean and dry skin because a mixture could alter the effectiveness of its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and purifying effects. Thus, a daily application will offer you visible results quickly: from 24 hours on redness and inflammation, and after 8 days of use, the imperfections are visibly reduced, the pimples begin to disappear and the pores are tightened. Your skin becomes smoother and sharper.

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