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How ACT-5 acts on your imperfections?

le 11/27/2018

ACT-5 acts biologically on the causes and consequences of acne. The unprecedented combination of active ingredients teaches the skin how to regulate the quality and quantity of its lipids, to the sebum of healthy skin and effectively prevent the appearance of pimples and blackheads .

The effectiveness of ACT-5 is based on three complementary ingredients that act on the causes and consequences of acne and promote the preservation of the integrity and functionality of sebum. These three ingredients are: Sytenol® A (bakuchiol): Acting on lipid homeostasis, bakuchiol is a natural substance alternative to retinol, a powerful lipo-peroxidation inhibitor.

It ensures the preservation of sebum by opposing the oxidation of squalene, thus preventing the appearance of pro-inflammatory mediators.

It inhibits the development of P. acnes (Cutibacterium acnes) and promotes cell renewal.

Hydrasynol® IDL (isosorbide dilinoleate): Patented molecule derived from green and sustainable chemistry, it acts on the homeostasis of the skin barrier. It regulates hydration by the filaggrin route, a precursor to natural hydration factors. It contributes to the preservation of barrier functions.

Synovea® HR (hexylresorcinol): Powerful inhibitor of melanin production by the tyrosinase and peroxidase pathways to control post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.